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High Resolution Airborne Geophysics

About UTS Geophysics

UTS Geophysics was formed in Australia in 1993 and has a long history of world-wide, high resolution, fixed-wing and rotary-wing data acquisition and processing. In 2007 Aeroquest International acquired UTS Geophysics to include Australian operated airborne magnetic, radiometric and gravity systems into their diverse range of airborne geophysical operations. In May 2012 Geotech Limited acquired the company, thereby ensuring a greater level of product quality and on time performance through combined experience, sharing of technologies and equipment.

Following on from the success of its pioneering helicopter stinger magnetic systems, UTS recognised the need for a fixed wing alternative to the more expensive helicopter platforms. In the mid-1990s, UTS modified the Fletcher FU24 agricultural aircraft for geophysical survey use; offering for the first time a low-level, ultra-detailed magnetics and radiometrics survey platform that could be flown in all but the most rugged terrain. The FU24 is capable of flying at low terrain clearances (<20m) and at slow survey speeds for increased data sample density. It also has the added advantage of exhibiting low magnetic noise characteristics; resulting in a new era of low-cost, ultra-detailed geophysical survey services being made available in Australia.

In 2005, UTS commenced use of the turbine-powered Pacific Aerospace Cresco and PAC750XL aircraft for international operations. The PAC750XL is a development of the FU24 platform, possessing even greater rate of climb capabilities, whilst still retaining low magnetic noise characteristics. All UTS PAC750XL aircraft are fitted with wingtip magnetometers, measuring real time horizontal magnetic gradients to produce enhanced magnetic gridded datasets.

UTS operates a fleet of fixed-wing and helicopter systems to serve the mineral, petroleum and environmental industries and has acquired and processed more than 15 million line kilometres of high resolution airborne geophysical data worldwide.

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