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High Resolution Airborne Geophysics


UTS Geophysics provides a comprehensive range of airborne geophysical technologies and services to meet the requirements of mining and oil & gas exploration companies, government departments and environmental and engineering agencies worldwide.

Typical applications for our services include:

Mining Services Base metals, precious metals, diamonds, energy resources…
Petroleum Services Geological structure, magnetic basement, volcanic intrusions…
Environmental Services Salinity, freshwater mapping, radioactive monitoring, UXO …

Our advanced range of geophysical sensors and instrumentation allow us to offer the most appropriate solution to meet you individual exploration or mapping application. UTS Geophysics offers the following geophysical and physical measurements:

Magnetism Total field and gradient magnetics
Radioactivity Natural and man-mad
Conductivity / Resistivity Multi‐axis frequency and time domain methods
Gravity Freeair and Bouguer anomaly map/data
Terrain elevation Digital terrain / elevation maps (DTM or DEM)

Our projects range from focused near mine investigations, to regional green fields activities, through to major country‐wide mapping initiatives. Our team of geoscientists and project managers will assist in tailoring a survey program that best meets your specific application, including choice of geophysical measurement, data acquisition parameters such as line spacing, measurement height, sample density and line orientation, as well as post survey data processing, interpretation and presentation. Our data processing, enhancement and imaging techniques present the final data in a highly useable and informative format, meeting strict government and industry specifications.

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