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High Resolution Airborne Geophysics

Mining Services

The airborne geophysical services and products provided by UTS Geophysics are used by exploration geoscientists to assist in their minerals projects, from grassroots exploration, through to resource evaluation and site remediation.


Airborne geophysics is a valuable reconnaissance and mapping tool for exploration projects, providing structural and geological information about the subsurface. Ideally conducted prior to drilling in greenfields exploration projects, airborne geophysical surveys can reveal structures such as faults, folds and stratigraphy as well as mapping contrasting lithologies. Magnetics, radiometrics and electromagnetics are routinely collected by mineral explorers to target prospective areas within exploration tenements, with each technique responding to different physical properties of the sub-surface and surface material. Survey specifications for greenfields mineral exploration projects are typically: 100m line spacing, 50m flying height (magnetics/radiometrics).

Resource Evaluation

Modelling of a known deposit can be complemented by airborne geophysical surveys, with the additional information sometimes leading to additional mineral deposits being discovered. Brownfields exploration usually requires ultra-detailed airborne surveys to define the resource more quantitatively. UTS Geophysics specialises in such detailed surveys, with both fixed-wing and helicopter platforms available. 

Mining Operations & Site Remediation

Ongoing airborne geophysics at operating mine site’s and site remediation following mine closure include resource upgrade or sterilisation (magnetics) and the monitoring of tailing dams for fluid leakage (electromagnetics). 

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