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High Resolution Airborne Geophysics

Magnetics & Radiometrics

Fixed Wing Surveys

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UTS Geophysics is the world leader in ultra-detailed fixed wing magnetic and radiometric data acquisition, through the use of specialised low-level survey aircraft.
After introducing the first ultra low-level fixed wing aircraft to the geophysical industry in 1995, UTS Geophysics has since acquired many millions of line kms of high resolution data worldwide from its extensive fleet.
The UTS specialised category aircraft are ideally suited for the rapid acquisition of ultra high resolution geophysical data for the successful mapping of subtle geological features. The precision navigation systems developed by UTS and installed on all its aircraft enable surveys to be accurately flown at line spacings as close as 15m separation.

Magnetic Gradiometry

magneticgradiometryUTS Geophysics airborne gradiometry uses three magnetometers with a fixed separation to simultaneously measure the earth's total magnetic field and associated horizontal gradients.
Gradiometer data provides detailed near-surface information and improves interpolation between survey flight lines. Subtle sub-parallel magnetic features that are difficult to interpret using single sensor acquisition systems are enhanced using the additional information obtained from the three sensors.


RadiometricsNatural and manmade radioactivity is measured using a highly sensitive multichannel spectrometer housed in the body of the aircraft. Regular calibration of the equipment ensures repeatability of results.
Low level flying, coupled with large detector crystal volume, increases the resolution of the acquired data.


System Specifications

Magnetometers cesium vapour, tail sensor and wingtip (horizontal magnetic gradiometer)
Sensitivity 0.001nT
Noise level <0.1nT peak to peak
Altimeter twin antenna; 0.3m accuracy
Sample interval from 5m
Spectrometer self stabilising
Detector size from 33litres (NaI)
Energy windows 0.3 - 3.0 MeV
Channels 256 plus K, U, Th and TC
Sample interval from 25m



Line spacing from 15m
Sensor height from 10m (terrain dependent)
Navigation differential GPS
Survey speed from 100kts


Helicopter Surveys

IMG 9153 PNGUTS Geophysics employs helicopter platforms for its magnetic data acquisition in more challenging terrain. Winner of the ASEG 2000 Grahame Sands Award for Innovation, the UTS Geophysics stinger-mounted, heli-magnetic survey system offers accurate data positioning, low noise levels (from reduced bird swing and turbulence effects) and improved height control and terrain contouring.

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